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Why Work with a NeurOptimal® Sales Representative?

Working with a NeurOptimal sales representative gives you the advantage of having a personal assistant and go-to contact for all of your questions before, during and after your NeurOptimal neurofeedback system purchase.

It costs nothing to list a rep when you purchase a system and they can advise you of any special offers or other news from Zengar. No sales rep can offer a lower priced system than what you can buy directly from Zengar; therefore if you find a rep that you resonate with, you can rest assured you do not need to shop around for a better deal.

What is important is that you feel like your rep is offering you the level of customer service that you desire. You are free to choose any rep that you would like to work with regardless of where in the world you are. If you decide to contact more than one rep it is courteous to let them know upfront so they aren't surprised down the road. You may list more than one rep, we are all here to help and if it takes more than one of us to answer your questions, you should list everyone you felt was helpful to you so that they will get some recognition for their time. But again, it's a good idea to disclose that you're talking with several reps.

I would be more than happy to be your rep - just give me a call at 817-946-2703

Purchase client testimonials:

"Nikki is by far one of the nicest and most helpful people I have dealt with. When I decided to get into the neurofeedback field for my family’s sake, I came across Nikki and we started emailing back and forth. She has been very helpful and patient with the hundred or so questions I have had for her. Even after purchasing my system, Nikki still makes a priority to help me if I ever am in need of advice or have questions. It is a real honor to be part of a community where the representatives truly care about your well being. I can’t recommend Nikki and Serenity Neurofeedback enough!" - Tyler Powell

"...Nikki is highly competent, kind, easy to communicate with and occupies a strong personal and professional background in Neurofeedback. She can therefore offer top-notch support to those breaking into the Neurofeedback technology world. We had many phone calls, facebook interactions and emails to take care of every detail and concern before I purchased. I felt very well cared for as her client.

Nikki’s professional and personal support are what made purchasing my NeurOptimal machine possible. She has guided me through the in’s and out’s of the Zengar business structure, offered business advice, brainstormed with me on potential client market’s and has supported the campaign through a variety of methods. She has also helped me to shape my view of my future business in ways that have been imperative to its operational success.

I am deeply grateful for the help offered to me by Nikki. She is a phenomenal representative and human being. I look forward to sharing a neurofeedback community with her!"
- Jennifer O'Neill: Women’s Right’s Advocate, Public Speaker, Trauma Specialist and Survivor