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Here is what our NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback trainees are saying:

"I have tried everything and nothing else has ever made me feel this relaxed" 

"She (my daughter) stopped having tantrums...it's wonderful!, I feel like I have my daughter back" 

“He (my son) has a better flow of conversation and seems more “connected”…he is better able to “push” through exercises when before he would just quit”

“I was able to really focus through my whole 3 hour class without my mind wandering” 

“I’m really getting things done, like everything on my to-do list – you don’t know, this is not usual for me. My husband couldn’t believe it, he says I need to keep doing this training if this is the outcome lol” 

“I no longer fly of the handle with anger, I catch myself, I am more patient and I am a better husband because of it” 

“I’m a better driver, less road rage…also, I don’t stay awake or wake up thinking or worrying about things at work anymore” 

“…after just two sessions, she [my daughter] is noticeably calmer, and more affectionate. Last night she asked me to come cuddle her in the morning when I woke up. She has been a bear to be around in the morning most of her life…We had a lovely cuddle session this morning. That is huge.

As for myself, I had a very upsetting experience on Thursday that would have had me crying for days in the past but I dealt with in a much more measured way. (My cousin who was more of a mother to me, passed away in March, quite unexpectedly. On Thursday, I updated my iPhone and AT&T managed to accidentally delete my voicemail and all of my messages, including almost a dozen of hers, which were among my most treasured possessions. Don't get me wrong... I AM very sad about it, but in the past, I would have been ready to sue them.)”  Wynne, Keller TX“My headaches are gone!” 

“I feel clearer, more focused”

“My grandson’s grades have gone up!” 

"A switch has definitely been flipped in me, I am now handling crisis at work calmly without getting stressed - my husband is like: 'who ARE you?' this is great" 

"I was feeling mild anxiety before we started. I had no anxiety when I drove home, the traffic didn't stress me out. I feel more at peace today. I cant wait to have the next session" V.P. Arlington

"At my son's ARD meeting a couple of weeks ago his teachers were amazed at the extent of maturing since last spring. At school he has much better self-control. His behavior was really getting in the way of his learning last year, they thought they would need a BIP (behavioral intervention plan) but they hadn't even noted behavior problems this year. The only thing that has changed since spring is that we trained with the rental unit over the summer" 

"The head chatter has gone, I have been living with it so long, I didn't think that was possible"

"This seems to be having an effect on me, last night I did something I never would have done before (due to anxiety)- I went out to a haunted house with friends.. and I enjoyed it!" 

"I am handling arguments with my ex much better, I no longer allow things to escalate to yelling matches while working through our divorce" ​

Client Testimonial video from our fellow NeurOptimal Trainers at inLife Clinic in Washington

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"school did a reading assessment on [my son] recently, and he scored on a 6th grade level in both Fluency and Comprehension - one grade level above. Not bad for a kid previously diagnosed with Dyslexia. At this rate, we will have to remove the label soon, and drop services. It will be a celebration day for sure!!" DM, Frisco TX.

"I am very pleased with the neurofeedback results. I came in very stressed and overwhelmed due to the start of a new job and on top of that I've had anxiety for quite sometime. The worst for me during this time was the panic attacks I would get for no reason, I would get rapid heartbeat it was horrible. With the neurofeedback it began to disappear and I would feel more calm and relaxed throughout the day. I believe what helped was the consistency of going for training, I did a total of 12 sessions and will continue to do more because it really works! I highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with anxiety, panic or depression."  Angelica, Fort Worth TX

"I am way less stressed and my libido has gone up!"

"I got compliments from a lady at church who noticed a difference in [my son].   She used to sit next to him during children's church to remind him to pay attention or due to behavior issues.  So she moved on to other kids because he didn't seem to need her assistance any more." Diana C. Houston, TX

"On the days I train, I am going back to work and literally getting a week's worth of work done that afternoon, it's a breeze and I just seem to fly through it whereas previously I would just feel so overwhelmed"

"After 20 years, I have my daughter back" (after 2 sessions with client who suffered  a traumatic brain injury in a head on collision 20 years ago) - DT McKinney

"My internal monologue has become a lot friendlier"

"My daughter is actually taking care with her homework and reviewing it now to correct her own mistakes before handing it to me, before she would just rush through it and not care and it would be full of errors"  BP Fort Worth

"Ok, I am definitely seeing results with [my son]. Homework was a breeze tonight - what a pleasure!" D.M.,  Frisco - Pesrsonal system renter

"He (my son) isn't getting in trouble at school  since he started training"

"The night after my first session, I slept well for the first time in ages, I definitely want to do more training"