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Stress and Aging

Telomeres are the protective end caps on each DNA strand, telomere shortening has become a measure of biological aging; Shorter telomeres = greater biological age and higher propensity for DNA damage.

Multiple studies have found a connection between high levels of perceived stress and shorter telomeres. Generally, the length of your telomeres relative to your chronological age can give you an indication of how well you are aging. Thanks to modern technology, you can now test your telomeres and see how you are doing, if your teloyears test shows that your biological age is significantly higher than your chronological age, you may be able to take steps to reverse this trend.

Long time NeurOptimal® trainer Alan Bachers, PHD. had his own telomeres tested and found that his biological age was a whopping 20 years lower than his chronological age, skeptical of the results, he had a second test done which confirmed the initial one. Given that he has had hundreds of NeurOptimal® sessions himself over the last 20 years, he speculated that there may be a correlation. It makes sense that if stress can hasten the aging process, then stress resilience achieved through NeurOptimal® training may slow it down. 

This all has very exciting implications! You can learn more about Telomere testing here:

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According to Dr Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist at Stanford Medical School, 95% of all illness is caused by stress. For many people, stress is impacting their well being and overall functioning and they don't even realize it.  Please, enjoy this short slide show about the many symptoms and health consequences of Stress:

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