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We rent both personal and professional NeurOptimal® systems for home and commercial use.

NeurOptimal® systems are portable and easy to use! Pricing starts at $800 for a one month rental. See our rental page for more details.

We offer in-office pickup in our Granbury, TX location, free 1-day shipping within Texas, and we ship throughout the US and UK for an additional fee.

Rent a NeurOptimal® System

Enjoy sessions in a relaxing, spa-like environment in our Fort Worth and Granbury, TX offices.

​Sessions are $115 for a single or double session (parent and child or couples training together during the same appointment).​

Buy a NeurOptimal® System

Interested in purchasing a personal or professional NeurOptimal® system?

As your representative, Nikki Sopchak is available to answer questions before, during and after your purchase.

​Pricing starts at $6,995. See our purchasing page for more details.

Call today at 817-946-2703!

In-Office NeurOptimal® Sessions

We Address Stress!