Master Mind Academy

The mission of the Master Mind Academy (MMA) is to provide students with the opportunity and encouragement to realize their full potential.

NeurOptimal® has been used by trainers worldwide for 17 years and well over 3 million training hours. Corporate executives, Olympic athletes and stage performers are just some examples of those who train with NeurOptimal® to optimize their performance.

Training with NeurOptimal® is a safe, effortless and effective way to help children of all ages to strengthen their relaxation response - allowing them to become more resilient, more flexible, and more present in the moment. A calm child can benefit more fully from their classroom experience and has a better chance at success - in school and beyond!

Serenity Neurofeedback is committed to helping the teachers and students of the FWISD to optimize their classroom potential while improving their well-being. We strive to make NeurOptimal® training available to all students. Many students who are struggling can not afford the academy training. We invite those in the community who can afford to do so to sponsor a child, by sponsoring a child you are investing in the future our your community. To learn more about how you can help, please click on the "Donate" or "sponsor a child" button to the right.

Master Mind Academy is open to all school-age children.

Children may progress through the program at their own pace; however, it is recommended that sessions are completed at a minimum rate of once per week and a maximum rate of one session per day. We recommend striving to attain Master Mind Level I (Blue Belt) within 6 months and if desired, Master Mind level II (Black Belt) status within 2 years from the date of first enrollment.

A parent or caregiver in the student's household must train with the student for at least 10 sessions (no additional cost).

The administrative and program enrollment fee of $150.00 is good for 2 years and includes:

  • Initial orientation session
  • Intake assessments and up to 5 progress reports (one after every 10 sessions completed)
  • Child's Master Mind Academy T-Shirt
  • Forum and Face Book Academy group access
  • Award stickers for each rank achieved
  • Master Mind Level I -  Certificate of achievement (at 30 Sessions)
  • Master Mind Level II - Zen Warrior Certificate and T-Shirt (at 54 sessions)
  • Special merit badges as applicable

Training fees:

Private in-office Sessions: $480.00 for each Belt level (6 session block, price includes student and parent training together in office)

Boot Camp*: $750.00 for up to 30 sessions over the Summer (sessions are group style, availability is limited, click on the "Boot Camp" button to the right to learn more)

1-6        sessions completed = White Belt
7-12      sessions completed = Yellow Belt
13-18    sessions completed = Orange Belt
19-24    sessions completed = Green Belt
25-30    sessions completed = Blue Belt (Master Mind Level I - Zen Master)
31-36    sessions completed = Purple Belt
37-42    sessions completed = Red Belt
43-48    sessions completed = Brown Belt
54 +      sessions completed = Black Belt (Master Mind Level II - Zen Warrior)

Special Badges can be earned for:

  • Exemplary Behavior in Class (requires teacher's recommendation)
  • Significantly Improved Behavior in Class (requires teacher's recommendation)
  • Academic Improvement (provide copy of report cards)
  • Getting caught helping others or doing something exceptional
  • Perfect Attendance/Significantly Improved attendance

Once the program is completed, a Zen Warrior may receive a 20% discount on booster sessions as desired for a period of 3 years.

We offer effortless Brain Optimization for all ages.

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