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No matter where you are in the world, all new NeurOptimal systems are purchased directly from Zengar Institute Inc. in Canada through their website (www.neuroptimal.com).

It is strongly recommended that you work with an authorized NeurOptimal® Representative! According to Zengar, those who work with a representative are happier with their overall purchasing experience. Feel free to call me for assistance with questions - I can walk you through the ordering process and help you avoid delays and surprise costs. See rep testimonials here.

If desired, you may list both a representative and an ambassador during checkout. Doing so will cost you nothing and will allow those who helped you to be compensated by Zengar. Listing a rep in addition to an ambassador does not negatively impact your ambassador.


There are some things you may want to know before you purchase based on your location (import info, fees, shipping variables etc). It costs you nothing to work with a Zengar authorized sales representative and this provides you with an extra level of support - a personal assistant to help with all of your questions before, during and after your purchase.

As a sales rep, I offer white glove service customized to your needs, whether you just have a quick question or prefer hand-holding through the process. I am am available to:

  • Answer questions about the systems, financing options, user experience, my business experience, etc.
  • Provide free live product demonstrations and in person consultations (in our Fort Worth or Granbury, TX office locations).
  • Stay on the phone with purchasers during their checkout process when requested to help them navigate and decide which options or add ons are right for them.
  • Answer questions once the system arrives.
  • Follow up to walk purchasers through everything they need to know about getting started and making the most of their trial PASS membership.
  • Troubleshoot initial hook ups if necessary.
  • Keep purchasers informed of important news and updates.
  • Offer moral support for home users and new business owners.
  • I can also assist with bulk purchasing options for larger institutions, schools, non-profits, businesses or other organizations. 
  • I am available to make presentations to your boards, councils or other decision makers.
  • I can arrange to provide live certification training for your employees or college students.

I am here to help before, during and after your purchase! 

Call or text for assistance:

Nikki Sopchak


How to Purchase a NeurOptimal System


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