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​​Expected benefits of NeurOptimal® training for first responders include:

  • Waking up refreshed
  • Reduced anger/irritability
  • Improved marksmanship
  • Improved driving/reduced road rage
  • Faster response time
  • Better focus / more clarity
  • Improved ability to remain calm and focused under pressure
  • Reduced burnout
  • Higher sense of well-being
  • Improved physical performance and mental acuity
  • Positive outlook
  • Better communication
  • Improved personal relationships
  • Reduced sick time
  • and more!

We offer effortless stress management for all ages.

We Address Stress!


​​Thank You For Your Service!

As first responders, you have devoted your lives to helping others - we want to help you! The job of a first responder is defined by stress. You face uncertainty and risk on a regular basis. High stress coupled with lack of quality sleep associated with shift work can take a heavy toll over time making you less resilient both physically and mentally. Let us help you to relax and de-stress! 

Training with NeurOptimal® may improve stress, resilience and flexibility; you may find it easier to downshift from a state of high alert that is frequently demanded by your job to a calmer more relaxed state when you are off duty. Training with NeurOptimal® will not dull your senses or reduce your ability to respond quickly and appropriately to situational demands; on the contrary, it is likely to facilitate optimal performance allowing you to more easily shift between states of calm readiness (situational awareness), high alert (hyper-vigilance) and relaxation as appropriate.

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