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Coming home from a stressful job to countless worrisome thoughts and sleepless nights, I felt like nothing was ever going to change. Initially, I did not know anything about neurofeedback, but I was open to anything that would help me cope with my stress and anxiety.  Once I was introduced to NeurOptimal®, I began seeing changes in myself.  I was much more relaxed, calm and for the first time in a long time I was able to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. I was finally beginning to feel complete.

I wanted to learn more about what neurofeedback was and was given the opportunity to become a trainer. After having completed the certification course for NeurOptimal®, I’ve learned that a trained brain is much more efficient, strong and able to adapt to all of life’s daily challenges. As a trainer, I have seen the wonders neurofeedback has done for myself and others. I’m grateful to have found NeurOptimal®, a non-invasive, safe and advanced system. 

Angelica Reyes, Fort Worth

I always knew that I wanted to work in a capacity to help others. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice with the intent on working to help juvenile offenders, particularly those with a history of substance abuse and low self-control. During an internship working with juveniles in a residential post-adjudication program that offered gentle yoga classes as an option, I saw first-hand what a difference relaxation and mindfulness can make. When I learned about NeurOptimal®, I immediately realized its potential to effortlessly transform lives and reduce suffering.

It is well known that many people in the criminal justice system grew up with unmitigated learning disabilities, often dropping out of school, self-medicating and living with low self-esteem. NeurOptimal® can help change potentially negative life trajectories for children who are having difficulties in school.

College students can also benefit greatly from NeurOptimal® training.  A trained brain is more flexible and resilient leading to improved focus and self-esteem, and reduced self- doubt.

I am thrilled to be a part of Serenity Neurofeedback as a certified trainer and instructor, and I enjoy helping people of all ages in our community and around the world to be at their best.

Jessi Swindle, Granbury & Fort Worth

Nikki Sopchak, Granbury & Fort Worth

About Your Trainers

My interest in neurofeedback began years ago when researching alternatives to medication for my daughter. I was skeptical at first because I thought surely something so powerful would be mainstream if it really worked. Ultimately, we decided to give it a try and we were not disappointed!

Back then, we had to travel for over two hours to get to a provider and at close to $4,000.00. It was very hard on our budget. Although I was impressed with the initial results, I had concerns about the idea of "entrain and migrate" which is a method of neurofeedback by which the brain is pushed to perform more like an average or "normal" brain as determined by a normative sample of QEEG brain maps. This system of operant conditioning relies heavily on the judgment and skills of the practitioner, leaving a possibility of over-training and negative side effects. I also had concerns because, although my daughter had "average"  working memory and processing speed, her IQ was unusually high so "average" did not seem like a good training goal.

More research led me to NeurOptimal® which is "dynamical" neurofeedback: providing 100% pure feedback and allowing each brain to use the information about itself to make its own adjustments (much like giving the brain a mirror). This appealed to me because it makes sense: each brain is unique so I like that NeurOptimal® is non-invasive, trusting each brain to do what is best for that individual central nervous system.

I was so impressed with the effortless transformations that I saw in my own life as well as that of my family, friends and coworkers who I trained with the NeurOptimal® system, that I decided to become a professional trainer and help others. I opened Serenity with the goals of making training available and affordable to anyone who wants it. I believe everyone should have this opportunity for self optimization.

Although I hold a graduate degree in Public Administration and Urban Planning and have built a 20 year career in Urban Planning/Land Development, I felt a strong calling to help spread access to this life transforming technology. My years of experience in the public and private sectors allowed me to quickly see the value that this training can bring to the workplace both in terms of increasing employee productivity and well-being thus potentially reducing lost time for stress related employee absences. In addition to seeing clients in the office, I facilitate placement of systems for municipalities, schools, health practitioners and businesses who wish to add the benefits of NeurOptimal® training at their location.

I thoroughly enjoy my clients and I feel blessed every day that I am able to play a small part in their personal journeys of self improvement. I have provided training for people of all ages and with all manner of complaints, it is always a privilege to hear about the large and small miracles and transformations in peoples lives on a regular basis, that is the most rewarding part of my job.