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"When I started a gofundme to purchase a NeurOptimal Neurofeedback machine, Nikki literally took me under her wing and has made her help available to me throughout every step of the purchasing process.

Nikki is highly competent, kind, easy to communicate with and occupies a strong personal and professional background in Neurofeedback. She can therefore offer top-notch support to those breaking into the Neurofeedback technology world. We had many phone calls, facebook interactions and emails to take care of every detail and concern before I purchased. I felt very well cared for as her client.

Nikki’s professional and personal support are what made purchasing my NeurOptimal machine possible. She has guided me through the in’s and out’s of the Zengar business structure, offered business advice, brainstormed with me on potential client market’s and has supported the campaign through a variety of methods. She has also helped me to shape my view of my future business in ways that have been imperative to its operational success.

I am deeply grateful for the help offered to me by Nikki. She is a phenomenal representative and human being. I look forward to sharing a neurofeedback community with her!"

                                                                                        ~ Jennifer O'Neill

Jennifer O’Neill: Women’s Right’s Advocate; Public Speaker; Trauma Specialist and Survivor; owner of a newly purchased NeurOptimal Professional System.